Home Remedies for Plantar Warts

Although we can literally go nowhere without our feet, this part of the body tends to not get the appreciation and care that is rightfully deserves. This, among many others, is the reason why a person could get plantar warts on toes or in any part of the foot. And the main reason why people search for how to get rid of foot warts naturally.

Thankfully, this problem is not without a cure. Aside from visiting a podiatrist and getting whatever procedure or treatment they recommend, the good news is that there are many home remedies for plantar warts.

Plantar Warts 101

Since we will be talking about different methods that won’t require a doctor visit, it is first important to figure out if what you have is actually plantar warts. This must be a very confusing time for you and you are just filled with so many questions.

Questions like:

plantar fasciitis wart on foot

  • What is and how to get rid of seed warts?
  • Are plantar warts contagious?
  • Do plantar warts hurt?
  • Do plantar warts itch?
  • How to cure plantar wart?
  • Where do I get plantar wart pain relief?
  • Is there such as a thing as DIY wart removal?
  • What are the best plantar wart home remedies?
  • Are there natural cures for plantar warts?
  • How to remove a plantar wart without side effects?
  • Are natural remedies for plantar warts safe?

Like most warts that grow in the body, plantar warts would seemingly appear from nowhere and are generally not a cause for concern. Unfortunately, due to its placement (usually in the heels or balls of the foot), it could cause pain or a little bit of discomfort. If you aren’t sure if what you have is plantar warts, that is your first clue.

This type of wart, caused by the human papillomavirus, can also be described by the following:

  • Small, fleshy, rough and grainy growth
  • A spot made up of hard thickened skin
  • Has a very small black dot aka wart seeds (these are clotted blood vessels)

human papillomavirus wart


Although plantar warts do not discriminate and would still grow even if you’re the most hygienic person you know (this is a common misconception about warts!), there are some factors that ups your chances of developing warts on your feet:

  • Age (children and teenagers are more prone to it)
  • Frequently walking barefoot in public places
  • A previous case of plantar warts
  • Weak immune system
  • You have a cut on your foot

A word of caution:

if any of the following conditions below apply to you, do not attempt to cure this possibly-plantar-warts condition all by yourself:

  • Spot is extremely painful
  • It changes color or appearance
  • You have diabetes
  • You have poor sensation in your feet
  • You take immune-suppressing drugs
  • You have HIV/AIDS or other immune system disorder
  • You’ve had this spot several times and it persists/reoccurs

Of course, to make sure you won’t be making your case worse, consult a doctor.

Top 3 Home Remedies for Plantar Warts

Like what was mentioned above, there are many (and easy) ways to get rid of foot warts. We will divide these remedies in different categories. Enjoy the list and don’t forget to do further research before you try any of them. Here are also some general instructions/tips when using home remedies to get rid of your plantar warts:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after each time you touch your warts.
  • If you choose an option that comes with instructions, read and re-read that and follow the steps to the tee.
  • Cover your plantar warts when you are outside to make sure it won’t get infected while you are treating them

Since many people do not really like going to a clinic or a hospital to get treated, chances are you are going through this quest of getting rid of your plantar warts for good without a prescription from your doctor. Thankfully, there are many items that you can get over-the-counter or just somewhere inside your home that would help you out.

But first, let’s start with the top three home remedies for plantar warts: salicylic acid, potatoes and duct tape.

1. Salicylic Acid

sailcylic acid

Salicylic Acid

The most effective and popular option of all, salicylic acid can be bought over the counter or through a prescription. Prescription-grade salicylic acid come in higher doses and are expected to work faster and better but many people attest that those that do not require a prescription work just as fine.

No matter what brand you pick, it is important that you follow the package’s instructions. Usually, this method would include the application of a salicylic acid-soaked cotton ball on the affected area, following a foot soak and scrub. Exfoliation and proper cleaning of the feet is believed to play a big part in how effective this home remedy would be. It is advised that you do this twice a day.

If using patches, change it every two days.

Tried and tested, this is one of the few home remedies for plantar warts that get some support from the medical community. A study published by the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews in 2012 found that salicylic acid yields “more consistent” evidence that it works, compared to other methods.

2. Potatoes


An option with a more old wives’ tale vibe, many people serve as witnesses to the healing powers of potatoes to get rid of plantar warts.

The old (and more crazy-sounding) version says that you should take a slice of raw potato that does not have an eye, rub it in the affected area for a few minutes while chanting something, and bury the potato in your garden. After a few weeks, if you choose to dig up the potato, you will find that your now-gone wart is in the potato!

However, I am happy to report that the new modern version of this treatment foregoes the digging part. Just rub the potato on the affected area for at least twice a day for two weeks.

Since it will take at least a couple of weeks for this method to work, your commitment will be tested but remember that it would only take a few minutes a day to hopefully find a way to get rid of your annoying plantar warts.

Oh and if you’re wondering, here’s the Potato-Go-Away chant: As this peeling rots away, so your warts shall go away.

3. Duct Tape

duct tape for plantar warts

Of the three options highlighted here, this is the only one that is so well-known, it has an official and somewhat scientific-sounding name: Duct Tape Occlusion Therapy.

Although both science and us normal folks can’t exactly pinpoint why this method works, a lot of people swear by it. Aside from countless testimonials online, a 2002 study found that 85% of patients who undergo DTOT resolved their warts issue after a few weeks, while only 60% of the respondents got rid of their warts because of cryotherapy.

If you decide to go with DTOT, all you have to do is to cover your plantar wart with duct tape and replace it every six days. If it falls off before the six days are up, you could just replace it. On the sixth day and after you remove the duct tape, soak your foot in warm water and use an emery board or pumice stone to exfoliate the area. Do this for at least two months, or until the wart is gone.

Other Known Natural Wart Removal Suggestions

Other Known Natural Wart Removal Suggestions

Here are the other treatments that are worth checking out due to their popularity and natural properties:

  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc (pill or ointment)
  • Silver nitrate
  • Toothpaste
  • Listerine
  • Liver Tablets
  • Freezing Medicine (Compound W Freeze Off or Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away)

If you don’t have time to go the pharmacy, take a quick trip to your kitchen and see if you can make yourself some homemade wart remover. If you have any of these items, then you have yourself a natural wart remedy:

  • Lemon/lemon juice
  • Turmeric
  • Ginger
  • Pumice stone
  • Garlic
  • Banana/banana peel
  • Vinegar
  • Turmeric and olive oil
  • Essential oils for warts
  • Oregano
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Cinnamon

Other Unconventional Ways to Naturally Remove Foot Warts

Finding the plantar wart home treatment that works can be a bit of a challenge. Whether you are trying to get rid of a wart between toes, warts on top of feet or a wart on side of your foot, it will take a lot of trial and error.

Obviously, this would give way to a lot of natural wart removal suggestions that are a lot less popular. These plantar wart home treatment suggestions have not reached the mainstream yet, in other words. So as always, proceed with caution.

  • Letting a black garden slug slide across your warts
  • Tape garlic into the wart
  • Secure a slice of eggplant onto the wart and leave overnight
  • Taking Tagamet (a heart burn medication)
  • Applying tea tree or castor oil
  • Applying Vicks VapoRub on your feet
  • Wet and apply a salt block deodorant on your feet
  • Apply clear nail polish on the affected area
  • Apply instant glue on the affected area
  • Place a round moleskin on the wart
  • Mix equal parts coconut oil and red thyme oil, apply on the wart
  • Have epsom salt soaks everyday for at least 20 minutes
  • Have Domeboro solution foot soaks for at least 30 minutes a week

The One Thing You Should Never to Try As a DIY Plantar Wart Cure

Plantar warts are definitely very annoying. And I’m sure that you’ve found yourself once or twice before, just itching to grab a nail clipper and just cut that wart off! Right? Well, however strong the temptation is, do not give in to it! Aside from introducing the possibility for infections and uncontrolled bleeding, there is really no assurance that the wart would not grow back.

Any other method that would involve you cutting skin on your foot is a definite No-No. It’s just not worth it.

While Waiting: Prevention and Pain Management

Many of these home remedies will take weeks, if not months, to fully work. So while you are waiting, here are some things to remember to prevent more warts from sprouting like mushrooms:

  • Keep your warts covered with a bandage
  • Use an athletic tape to cover the wart
  • Avoid walking barefoot on warm or moist surfaces
  • Keep your feet dry
  • Make sure your soles aren’t irritated
  • Don’t share certain toiletries (razors, towels, etc.)

If your plantar warts are causing pain and is starting to affect your daily activities (walking or running), then you should also consider taking over-the-counter pain relievers, as well as talking to your doctor about other and faster options to remove the warts such as cryotherapy and laser treatment.

It is very weird indeed that many home remedies for plantar warts seem to work through the power of suggestion. But with something as annoying as plantar warts, anything “weird” that works is highly welcomed.

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